Hospitality is all about providing the best experience for the customers. Finding the right people for the job is the most crucial part of providing that experience to the customers. At SI Staffing we understand your needs and challenges to find such talent for your business. That is why we are here to help you find the right employees who provide top-notch hospitality for your guests so that they can leave satisfied and with a great review.

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We know about the industry’s needs and what type of people to look for so that you can be stress-free. With years of experience in the staffing sector, we have the skills to select the right kind of people for your business. We have a team of professionals who know what key traits and qualifications to look for when selecting candidates for you. We not only focus on the job requirements and roles but also on what your brand represents and hand-select candidates who fulfill such requirements.

Diversity is the key to any hospitality setting. Our team chooses from a wide range of candidates for your business from different backgrounds and cultures so that you can create a welcoming environment for your guests. Any type of staff you need from chefs to waitstaffs and concierges, you can trust us to select the best.

From seasonal to long-term, we offer all types of staffing solutions for you. We know during peak seasons you might need some short-term staff, or you might need long-term staff you can leave on us to fulfill your needs. Hosting an event? We can also provide skilled and well-presented staff so that your event goes smoothly.

Screening and training of the employees is very important and we at SI Staffing understand that. We develop a customized selection process for your business so that we can recommend the most qualified individuals who check all your boxes. We make sure that the process of staffing goes smoothly and that the candidates that we send are in accordance with your business values and standards.

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Are you looking for a job opportunity in the hospitality sector? Your search ends here. At SI Staffing we are here to help you find the right job in this dynamic industry. We know that passion and dedication are just as important as skills to make a career in this industry, that’s where SI Staffing comes in. We will guide you toward the companies which are best suited for you.


Why Choose SI Staffing?

Hospitality can be a very rewarding sector when you find the right fit for you. We know that you help people to create a memorable experience and ensure that they feel welcome. SI Staffing finds hospitality positions that match your passions and at the same time can help you to grow. So here is why you should choose us.

Expertise: We have a team of professionals who understand your passions and look for positions which suit your talents and expectations that you have from a job. We have experience in finding job roles which help you to grow and find success in this field.

Vast Network: We have connections with some of the best hospitality institutions. That is why we can help you get opportunities which you cannot find anywhere else.

Career Development: We know it’s not just a job for you which is why we take our job very seriously in helping you build a career. SI Staffing is here to guide and support you in your career so that you can advance your skills and reach the top. Besides full-time, we also help you to find part-time and seasonal work for students and individuals who are looking to earn a little extra.


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The hospitality industry is a very diverse place which needs diverse people. That is why we match employees and employers according to their needs and requirements. No matter what the role or experience, we can find a place for you in this exceptional industry. Be it front-of-the-house roles like concierge, server, bartender, housekeeping or back-of-the-house roles like chef, kitchen staff or any management position. We are here for you.

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