We Speak Your Language – and 7 More 

When you partner with SI Staffing, you’ll never waste time explaining the industry to us – we get it. We’ve been helping businesses like yours get more done.  

We maintain a culture of inclusivity with our own diverse staff and our ability to help companies achieve their diversity objectives. 

Our focus is on understanding your unique challenges.  

Do you need people with specialized skills? 

Is there a specific busy period you need to staff for? 

Are you looking for a partner who can react quickly – without sacrificing quality? 

At SI Staffing, you are our #1 client – no matter what your size or specialty – we develop solutions that meet your specific needs.  

SI Staffing Can Help You:

  • Meet tight production deadlines
  • Operate more efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Spend less time finding and screening talent
  • Access hard-to-find skill sets
  • Reduce overtime expenses 


Direct Hire Placement

Need to add to your fulltime team? SI Staffing will source, screen and present candidates. You choose from only the most qualified. It streamlines your search for the right people while holding down costs. 


The wrong hire is expensive and disruptive. Temporary-to-hire allows you to eliminate the risk of hiring by evaluating an employee on the job before extending an offer.  

Temporary Staffing

Skills shortages, under and overstaffing, fluctuation in demand. Temporary staffing enables you to flex your workforce to keep up with whatever the market brings.

Payroll Services

Place the temporary employees you choose on the SI Staffing payroll. We take care of paycheck distribution, tax withholding, workers’ compensation and benefits while you focus on other priorities. 


You Deserve a Staffing Partner Focused on Your Success!  

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