Meet the Leadership Team

Yuri Kovalenko, CEO and Co-Founder

An entrepreneur is defined as a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks to do so. Throughout his professional career, Yuri has lived up to the definition of an entrepreneur. He has the determination and vision to take a business idea and develop it into a successful business.  

Born in Ukraine in July 1983, he is the youngest child in the family. In 2000, Yuri completed nursing school, and then went on to earn a pharmaceutical degree in 2005. In 2001, Yuri opened his first business in Ukraine. He opened a successful machinery recycling business that supported warehouse plants in Kiev. He maintained that business until he decided to come to the United States in November 2007.  

When he arrived in the United States, he started working at local hospitals in the Baltimore area, where he practiced his medical field degrees. During the next three years, Yuri learned the steps necessary to open a business in the United States. As he worked in hospitals, he saw the need for skilled clerical and light industrial staffing. Here he saw an opportunity to both train and match job seekers with local businesses. In March 2011, alongside his business partner, Andrey Gustov, Service Industry Solutions opened its doors. Beyond his staffing services, his new franchise Transworld Business Advisors focuses on business brokerage and franchise development. In May 2018, Yuri completed his MBA from Loyola University.  

Yuri is married to Ellen, with four kids, Veronica, Alexandra, Kiera, and Ariana. Yuri enjoys extreme sports, is an avid swimmer and billiard player. He is committed to developing his leadership skills and putting his new skills into practice with his ventures after graduation.  

Andrey Gustov, CFO and Co-Founder

Attention to detail is defined as having the ability to achieve thoroughness and accuracy when accomplishing a task through concern for all the areas involved. Andrey can assess a plan and identify the areas of opportunity and growth. The attention to detail enables him to foresee the course of action necessary and manage the risk involved.  

Andrey was born in Russia in November 1979. He graduated from Kuban State Agricultural University and earned his bachelor’s degree in science and production technology. In 2002, Andrey moved to the United States and began working in the staffing industry. During his career, he started as an Operations Manager and moved up to Vice President for a staffing company. During his tenure there, he learned the industry and identified areas where he could improve the services that clients expected from a staffing company. In March 2011, alongside his business partner, Yuri Kovalenko, Service Industry Solutions opened its doors. Andrey also earned his Real Estate Salesperson license in 2012. If that was not enough, he joined the venture with his business partner Yuri at Transworld Business Advisors. In May 2018, Andrey completed his MBA from Loyola University.  

Andrey is married to Anastasia with two children, Sophia and Daniil.