2020: Will They Stay, or Will They Go

In today’s job market, a paycheck is no longer enough to retain top employees. Job seekers expect more than high salaries; they want their job to provide meaning and fulfillment. If your employees do not feel supported and are not learning new skills, do not expect them to stay. Job satisfaction is key to employee retention, so it is vital to create a work environment that makes your employees feel like they are an asset to your company.  

Let Employees Know They Are an Asset to Your Company 

Greet your employees by name and allow them to feel secure in their job. Get their input about company rules or possible changes. Always encourage goal setting and let your employees make independent decisions as often as possible. Support their career growth through ongoing training and mentorship programs.  

Flex Time 

Work-life balance holds more value than pay for many employees. It keeps employees happy and makes them talent ambassadors for your company. Flexibility at work gives workers space to work when and how they want. This autonomy creates a much less stressful work environment. The freedom to work as one chooses is highly sought after by today’s job seekers.  

Four-Day Work Week 

Depending upon your business’ needs and your employee wants, you may consider implementing a four-day workweek. One less workday per week for employees can free up their time. Studies show that a four-day workweek increases productivity while reducing stress and leads to happier, more engaged employees. You may want to try a trial run of a four-day workweek to see if your employees are more comfortable and more productive. The traditional 9-5 workday is rapidly becoming a thing of the past with flexibility being key to retaining top performers. Consider starting with a flexibility week to see how it might benefit your employees. 

Work-Life Balance 

Work-life balance is crucial for keeping your employees happy while getting the job done. Offer paid time off (PTO) as opposed to traditional sick leave and personal paid days. Implementing PTO will give your employees control over how they choose to use their paid time off, which increases employee satisfaction. Telecommuting is another option for decreasing employee burnout. Allowing an employee to work from home one or two days per week may have surprising results for you. If you are a manager, you must keep an eye out for employee burnout and recognize when they need a work-life balance adjustment. 

Retaining top-quality talent is fierce in today’s job market

Employees need to have value while believing that they are a vital part of your company’s success. If you want to spend less time finding and retaining top-notch employees, look no further than SIS. SI Staffing is an industry leader at providing high-quality talent that will meet your production goals.  

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