4 Challenges in Healthcare Staffing. #3 is Shocking

As significant numbers of baby boomer healthcare employees retire, and the supply of qualified healthcare employees continues to diminish, healthcare staffing faces tremendous challenges in the coming years. Increasing turnover rates, skill development hurdles, employee burnout, and staffing shortages are poised to create significant problems within healthcare staffing. 

Increasing Turnover Rates 

Retaining top talent in the healthcare industry is challenging and full of obstacles. The effects of employee turnover are not limited to patient satisfaction alone. It costs healthcare facilities money and affects treatment outcomes. Workgroup cohesion and morale drop. There is less time available for patient care which leads to health complications, increased infection rates, and medication errors. The loss of a healthcare employee is expensive too as the costs of recruiting, selecting, hiring, and training new employees begin to accumulate.  

Skill Development 

Appropriate staffing numbers ensures that the needs of a patient and the skills and abilities of medical employees will successfully meet. This lack of skilled employees can easily lead to longer lengths of hospital stays, patient dissatisfaction, higher readmission rates, and more adverse events.  

Employee Burnout 

Employee burnout how shocking! However, is it a shock? Burnout is a standard in the healthcare industry, and it has the potential to cause significant problems for the providers, the organization, and the patients. Burnout symptoms such as poor decision-making, poor job performance, and a lack of empathy should not be shocking but addressed to retain valuable staff. 

Staffing Shortages 

Healthcare staffing is a significant concern for hospitals with as much as 30% of hospitals reporting that they can’t locate enough candidates to fill open positions. The problem of finding qualified personnel is across the board. Hospitals of all sizes with varying numbers of beds are feeling the effects of staffing shortages.  

A Staffing Agency Can Help 

Turnover, burnout, and staffing shortages are a problem for all healthcare organizations. A staffing agency can help your company fill a position temporarily to get the work done while helping your organization source and screen qualified healthcare employee candidates. The result is a superior employee that is less likely to leave your organization. 

Are you facing healthcare staffing challenges?

Healthcare staffing is difficult, let SIS help your organization with responsive and reliable staffing. 

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