4 Reasons to Hire Temporary Warehouse Employees

Temporary employees comprise a considerable amount of the workforce for American businesses. People work as temps, contract workers, consultants, freelancers, seasonal workers, and interns. The flexibility of temporary workers places them at the forefront of staffing solutions. Before you hire a permanent employee for your warehouse, consider the benefits of hiring a temporary employee.  

Additional Help for the Busy Times  

As a warehouse owner, you are well aware of busy times. Whether it be a project, a busy season, or perhaps a holiday rush, you need staff. These chaotic moments are the ideal time to hire a temporary employee. Additional employees can help your company continue running without draining resources during the slow periods. Because you can keep your temporary employees as long as you need extra hands and then end the assignment when your peak time ends, you can improve efficiency by maximizing your staffing budget.   

Temporary Employees Fill Positions Quickly  

It is no secret that standard hiring practices can take a few weeks. It takes much time to publicize the position, review applications, interview the most qualified applicants, check references, perform background checks, select a candidate, make an offer, and negotiate a salary. However, many people are looking for temporary work. Staffing agencies have resumes from numerous potential employees on file. These agencies can fill your vacancy quickly with qualified candidates who are eager to work.   

Temporary Employees Are an Affordable Hiring Option  

The Bureau of Labor Statistics calculates the cost of a new employee to be $57,967. This total includes basic wages, benefits, and taxes. If you factor in overtime, recruiting, advertising, screening, and testing costs, this number can increase. If you find yourself paying temporary employees a higher seasonal rate, remember that it still costs you less than paying for recruitment and extended training. In the short-term, it is more cost-efficient to hire a temporary employee. Furthermore, staffing agencies typically pay temp workers the employee benefits, including health insurance, vacation, sick pay, retirement, and other costs associated with the hire. The agency is the employer, not you.   

Temporary Workers Can Lead to Permanent Hires  

Before you choose to bring someone onto your team, and invest in time and resources, give the employee a chance to prove themselves. Temporary workers are like a try before you buy type of arrangement. Staffing temporary employees allow your company to get to know these team members. If you are thinking of ultimately making these temporary employees permanent, bringing them in as temps will enable you to see them at work. This trial period gives you the chance to see if they might be a welcome addition to your organization.   

Hire Temporary Warehouse Staff in Baltimore 

If your warehouse needs team members, consider partnering with SIS. The staffing professionals at SIS can help you meet your production deadlines by providing skilled, quality temporary employees who are eager to work for you.   

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