5 Benefits to Partnering With a Manufacturing Staffing Agency

Partnering with a manufacturing staffing agency that offers contract staffing services, contract-to-hire, and direct hire recruiting services is a great business decision. Recruiters at manufacturing staffing agencies can approach each job search with your goals in mind helping you save time and money.  

Less Time Spent on Training  

When your company partners with a manufacturing staffing agency, you will bring employees on board ready to carry out their job duties and fit into their roles. You will not have to worry about the hours of training typically required to bring employees up to speed. Remember that time is money, and the 2 to four weeks it will take to train staff will not contribute to your business’s successful operation.   

A manufacturing staffing agency has access to workers whose skills fit a given manufacturer’s needs. The vetting, screening, testing, and interviewing is industry-focused and handled for you. These services dramatically reduce training time while minimizing turnover rates.   

Top Talent  

A relationship with a manufacturing staffing agency gives you immediate access to their existing candidate pool. You can access top employees without wasting time recruiting. Agencies use their expertise to market your available position and your company to be appealing to in-demand employees. When you hire, you do it while working on other business; staffing agencies do this hiring work full time. So, they have a remarkable amount of experience assessing candidates for success while spotting red flags that you might miss. Staffing agencies know that if they don’t supply your organization with top talent, you will not work with them in the future. They have an investment in your satisfaction.   

Hiring on an As-Needed Basis  

The manufacturing industry has its ebbs and flows. Busy days call for more workers, but these extra workers can become a financial drain on your company when business slows down. When you partner with a manufacturing staffing agency, you can hire a temporary workforce on an as-needed basis. Agencies ensure that only skilled employees will be available to you to prevent obstacles in production and efficiency.   

Improve Retention  

When you form a relationship with a manufacturing staffing company, your retention rates can improve. Recruiters specialize in evaluating every employee’s aspect, including skill level, experience, and cultural fit. The result for your manufacturing company is better retention with a lower turnover rate. Hiring and firing can get expensive, so it saves your company money in the long run.   

Take a Test Drive  

Hiring a new employee for your manufacturing business is a significant step. However, when you work with a staffing agency, you can try out employees before bringing them on full time. Most staffing companies offer temporary-to-permanent arrangements so you can see how well a prospect performs before you make a big commitment. So, when you do make a full-time job offer, you can have confidence in your decision. 

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