Job Market Trends: How Will Technological Advancements Impact Your Admin Workforce?

For you and your administrative staff to stay competitive, it is vital to understand the impact of emerging technology on your organization’s future. Incorporating these innovations will attract the right talent, increase efficiency and improve the bottom line.

Type of Work

Technological advancements transform the nature of work for administrative professionals by minimizing the need to perform repetitive tasks manually. Fewer workers will perform repetitive tasks, while others work in creative and strategic thinking roles. Problem-solving, communication, listening, and interpretation will take prominence over task completion. For your administrative staff, the ability to learn new skills is becoming more valuable than possessing specific knowledge.

AI Technology

Advancing AI-driven technology and robotics are increasing the range and amount of work done by intelligent machines. Estimates suggest that 38% of U.S. jobs will undergo automation in the next 15 years affecting 100 million workers. Administrative workers will need to use their skills alongside machines, while managers will need to rethink how they invest in these professionals to maximize the impact of human-machine interactions.

Work Location

New communication tools are breaking down the barriers among multiple office locations enabling remote teams to collaborate seamlessly. This distribution increases efficiency and reduces overhead. You will need to rethink how to create a culture and team connections among your administrative professionals working in a virtual environment.

Employee Lifecycle

Advances in technology will allow your company to balance full-time employees, freelancers, managed services, and gig workers in a cost-efficient way. Your organization will need to reconsider the employee lifecycle. Multiple employment formats will provide the creativity, passion, experience, and expertise required for the administrative projects at hand, and your hiring will focus on problem-solving ability as opposed to task performance.

Emerging Technologies Affecting the Work of Administrative Professionals

Work is advancing at a rapid rate, and these emerging technologies will impact the future of work and how your administrative team performs their tasks:

  • Automation. In the days to come, automation will be the key to increasing efficiency, reducing human error and lowering operational costs. Fewer administrative workers will be needed, and more professionals will focus on strategic decision-making and creative problem-solving.
  • Cloud-based communication. These platforms streamline workflow, facilitate collaboration and increase efficiency. Real-time communication and collaboration will change how administrative workers collaborate through video calls, instant messaging and file sharing.
  • AI technology. AI technology allows for a reduction of repetitive tasks. For administrative staff, this means a focus on strategic and creative work that is valuable and meaningful.
  • Digital talent platforms. These platforms reduce the impact of mismatching between skills, availability and location. It is critical to shift from filling specific roles to hiring talent based on skills requires to perform the job.

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