Food and Beverage Trends for 2020

The food and beverage industry is planning significant innovations for 2020. The changes will address the desires of consumers who seek healthy and natural foods, and social media will continue to dominate the exposure and marketing of brands. The most significant food trend is about being healthy!  

Saying no to Meat  

Possibly the most significant trend for 2020 will be an increase in the number of requests for vegan and vegetarian dishes. Each year, the demands for plant-based protein increase, and in 2020, look for more creative vegan and vegetarian options on menus. Chefs already include a percentage of plant-based ingredients into burgers and meatballs. Look for grains, mung beans, hempseed, pumpkin, avocado, and watermelon seed to increase in popularity in the coming year. The upcoming year will see a move from soy to other plant-based options that avoid allergens.   


Hopefully, 2020 will be the year we address the $162 billion worth of food we Americans waste every year. Restaurants are leading the way by offering more sustainable food options on their menus. Small changes in ingredients can not only benefit our health but our environment too.   

Changes on the Farm  

Several of the advances in food production for 2020 will take place on the farm. A better understanding of soil will bring better outcomes in production. A better understanding of microbial life will further our understanding of soil fertility, crop production, and nutrient quality. Remote sensing equipment will allow for real-time monitoring of actual field conditions. Regenerative agriculture, which restores degrading soil, improves biodiversity, and increases carbon capture for health benefits, will see an increase in popularity.   

Sugar and Flour  

Sugar alternatives may have new options for consumers in 2020. Expect extract reductions from fruits such as dates, coconuts, monk fruit, and pomegranates.   

As the number of gluten-free eaters increases, so will the number of alternative flours that are available for consumption. Besides the common ones like almond flour and oat flour, look for flours made from bananas and tigernut.   

Snack Time  

Fresh snacking will see an increase as consumers move from the cupboard to the refrigerator. Options might include single-serve portions of pickled vegetables, drinkable soups, and mini dippers. This type of healthy snacking is more wholesome and can eliminate unknown and complicated food labels.   

Alcohol Innovations  

Expect more alcohol alternatives beyond the typical seltzer. Look for alt-alcohol products made from adaptogens, nootropics, and botanicals. Craft beers will continue adding full-flavored styles such as IPAs at reduced alcohol and carb content. Organic and natural wine will be a trend in 2020.  

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