No Tricks, Just Treats; Getting Your Best Prospects To Show Up

During this season of tricks, treats, and spooky things, don’t leave a top prospect in the dark by ghosting and withdrawing from all communication. Follow up with every candidate, whether rejecting them or offering them a job. If you leave job prospects hanging after the job interview, your company will appear indifferent and impolite. Furthermore, negative feedback has a way of showing up on employer profiles on job sites, and a bad review can easily cost you a top job prospect. When recruiting top talent, be appreciative, be honest, and keep them informed about the process. 

Say Thank You 

Always thank a candidate for attending a job interview and taking the time to fill out an application. This application process typically involves some effort, so be sure to show your appreciation. Valuing the prospective employee’s time and effort gives a favorable impression of your company.  

Provide Feedback 

Ask a prospect if they would like feedback. The majority of people will respond favorably at the chance to improve. Use caution though as some job seekers are averse to criticism. Even if you dislike the job applicant or the interview is terrible, you can still show them respect. Try to find at least one positive you can home in on. 

Be Honest 

When you sugarcoat the truth, you are not benefiting anyone. Be honest about the position you are offering and do not attempt to oversell it. Job candidates want employers to communicate with them honestly and clearly about the job expectations.  

Be Constructive 

Offer advice and feedback that relates to the job description and your company. Provide examples that will help the candidate improve. Creating a positive link between you and the candidate makes them an ambassador for your company. This relationship will help you with future hires, and it helps to prevent getting bashed on social media. 

Establish a Timeline and Keep the Candidate in the Loop 

To be fair to a job prospect, always establish a timeline, and stick to it. Maintain contact with all job applicants throughout the entire interview process. Keep them up-to-date about where you are in the process because this significantly impacts the way they view you as an employer.  

When recruiting the best job prospects, remember that they are interviewing you too. Keeping this bit of information in mind is essential when presenting your company as the employer of choice for a possible job candidate.

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