Myth Busting Hiring Challenges in Food Production

The food production industry is now facing hiring challenges that must be overcome for the industry to thrive in the coming years. There are plenty of people with skills and experience to thrive in the food industry. The challenge is to show them the many opportunities that are available in the industry. 

Awareness And Skills 

When a person considers a career in food production, they may be most familiar with the two extremes of the chain. For example, farms on one end and restaurants on the other. They may not even be aware of the many steps it takes to get grain, vegetables or dairy to the table.   

There is a wide variety of careers within the food industry, and it is vital that individuals considering a career in the food industry view them all. The food industry needs to be in the discussion early on, just like other careers, and attention brought to lesser-known food careers such as: 

  • Food scientists
  • Food technologists 
  • Engineers
  • Quality assurance
  • Production management
  • Process engineers
  • Line operators

Food Trends 

Employers must be willing to innovate and stay on top of current food trends. Considering that millennials will comprise half of the workforce in the next five years, employers must move forward while creating an industry that attracts young people. Millennials appreciate ongoing training and development, yet many employers are reluctant to invest in training an employee who may not stick around. By not investing in the development and training of employees, there will not be enough employees with the skills and experience the food industry requires.  


In the food industry, it takes months to source, interview, hire and train the right people. Recruiting employees is a tremendous challenge. The success of the food industry relies upon the investment in new talent and having enough of this talent to ensure productivity. The problem is the amount of time recruiting takes. Even larger employers in the industry that have recruitment strategies, internships and co-op programs need time to develop and implement these tactics.  

Overcoming the Challenge 

A few possible options that will help with recruiting people into the food industry include: 

  • Improvements in operation efficiency 
  • Opportunities for the advancement of technology and automation
  • Wage increases
  • Onboarding and training improvements
  • Benefits packages

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