How to Manage a Good Employee With a Bad Attitude

Does your workplace have an outstanding performer who suffers from a bad attitude? If your reply is yes, you are not alone. Most workplaces have negative people who erode the morale of the company. Over time, these workers can do a tremendous amount of damage to your organization. These employees:  

  • Find things to complain about while exaggerating the seriousness of the mistakes of their co-workers.   
  • Spread gossip and start rumors  
  • Talk behind co-workers’ backs  
  • Undermine the supervisor’s authority with constant criticism.   

Eventually, you must deal with the problem employee if you want your company to remain productive. Yes, it will not be easy to approach one of your best employees with these concerns, but it is feasible to do it tactfully.   

Don’t Dismiss the Behavior  

Do not simply dismiss the behavior as a personality trait. Your responsibility is to take action with this employee to prevent this bad attitude from affecting other team members. Please do not ignore the situation because it is detrimental to the culture of your company.   

Rebuff the Excuses  

As a leader, you must take a genuine interest in your employees. It is essential that you understand that your problem employee may be undergoing stress in their personal lives, affecting their professional attitude. However, it is equally vital that you remind your employee that they control their attitude and complaining, and fault-finding is a choice.   

Include the Employee in the Solution  

It is not unusual for a negative employee to be an outstanding employee. However, their negativity and propensity to criticize everything can be detrimental to your business. Assure your employee that you are certainly interested in their input, but you prefer they tell you instead of other employees.   

Force Positive Behavior  

When you sit down with your employee with a bad attitude, please give them a goal. When this worker tells you of problems with a plan, a person or a situation, ask for something positive. The employee is focusing on the bad. This suggestion will help them focus on the good. You cannot change their behavior, but you can set the standards.   

Devise an Action Plan  

Create a reasonable timeline for behavioral modification and set a future date to discuss progress. Discuss what specific behaviors you desire to see and what benchmarks will indicate that changes are happening. Be sure to let the employee have space to achieve the goals.  

When It Is Time to Part Ways  

Take all measures that you can to help the employee and their behavior. Work hard to resolve any problems that might cause a bad attitude. If all your efforts fail, it might be time to let the employee go.   

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