Interview Questions to Ask to Understand Your Candidate Values

Your organization has core values. You must hire employees who share your organization’s core values and fit into your company culture. Candidate values are vital to your success, and asking the right interview questions to assess these values will significantly benefit your company in the long-term. Look for answers that match up with your culture and the way your team works.   

The Importance of Candidate Values  

When you prioritize values during the recruitment process, you have a great chance of hiring a candidate who fits your brand’s culture. When you carry these values over to the workplace, your team will work with the same principles and goals in mind. The advantages of value-based recruitment include:  

  • A positive work environment. Employees feel comfortable when they fit into the company culture. Shared values create stronger relationships among co-workers.   
  • Values improve staff morale. When your employees are content in their work environment and share common goals with their colleagues, they feel a richer connection to their work. You will see a decline in absenteeism and an improvement in staff morale.   
  • Values increase employee engagement. When values are embedded deep in your company culture, your employees will engage more in their jobs. They will strive to do things right the first time. Engaged employees are also more apt to stay with a company for more extended periods.   
  • Values increase productivity. A positive work environment, improved staff morale, and increased employee engagement lead to increased productivity. Your company culture links directly to a positive business outlook. They will be invested in their roles and put forth an extra effort to improve their productivity.  
  • A reduction in employee turnover. Happy employees translate to less turnover for your company. If your employees feel valued, they will engage with their work, be confident with it, and feel encouraged to stay. You can lower costs, keep productivity high, and your employees can grow their careers within your company.   

Interview Techniques to Assess Values  

Value-based interview techniques can help you get to know a candidate better before you make a hiring decision. Interviews with value-based questions will help you identify candidates who fit your culture. Interview questions ingrained in your company values will help you determine what is essential to a job candidate. Sample interview questions to assess values include:  

  • What will you do if a client presents a problem that you do not know how to address?  
  • If we hire you, what do you hope to accomplish in the next six months?  
  • How will you handle a big mistake if you are the only one who knows about it?  
  • What is your response if I say you are giving an unsatisfactory interview today?  
  • What does describing a person as self-made mean to you?  
  • We accuse you of wrongdoing, but you are innocent. What do you do?  
  • How does a person become the best at what they do?  
  • Tell us how competition makes you a stronger person?  

Be sure to ask candidates the reasoning behind their responses. Asking this of candidates will allow you to see their thought processes and whether their unique values align with the company’s values.  

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