Interview Questions you may not Have Thought of When Hiring a Welder

Welding is a unique skill. To best assess the skill level of an applicant for a welding position, it is critical to ask the right questions. These inquiries must be specific and go beyond the typical general laborer interview questions. The selection of questions must accurately gauge candidates’ capabilities in the workplace. For a welding candidate, your interview questions should target specific aspects of the job. The development of appropriate interview questions may take some time, but the effort will pay off.   

Throw out the Typical Interview Questions  

Instead of asking a candidate where they went to school or what type of work environment they are most comfortable working in, try to think outside the box. Remember that you want to know about the skill level of the welder, so try to develop questions that will give you a specific answer.   

Training and Accreditation  

The vaster the candidate’s preparation is, the better. It is essential to find a welder who is certified to prevent any liabilities in the future. If the candidate sets themselves apart with drive and skill, they will be an asset to your company. If you require specific accreditations, make a point to inquire about them during the interview. At a minimum, you want to see a standard welding certification and extensive apprenticeship experience. Develop questions that will answer these vital requirements.  

Overcoming a Difficult Experience  

Ask the welding candidate about their most challenging welding experience and what steps overcame the challenge. The goal of this questioning is to learn how a candidate operates under pressure. Remember that you want to know about their ability to think clearly under pressure, how they handle a fast-paced environment, and what capacity do they have to prioritize specific tasks.   

Preferred Welding Process  

What is the candidate’s preferred welding process? Can they adapt to new methods? Asking these questions is an excellent way to determine a potential employee’s level of expertise in the field. Look for a background in a specific type of welding. Inquiring about flexibility will give you an indication of how they might fit into your workplace. Do they understand different types of welding processes? Do they have the ability to adhere to different standards?  


Following safety procedures on the job is crucial to avoid legal liability and bodily injury. Ask the candidate if they have ever witnessed a coworker violating a safety protocol, and what did they do to resolve the situation? It is vital to learn how your candidate will react in situations that may carry potential safety violations. You will learn about their ability to report safety issues as well as their adherence to new safety codes.   

Need to hire a welder?  

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