Job Market Trends: Forecasting the Hiring Needs of the Hospitality Industry

The pandemic is creating unforeseen havoc in the hospitality industry. Because of this unprecedented event, the market trends and hiring needs of the hospitality industry are shifting. These are trends that you can expect to see in the hospitality industry in 2021 and beyond.

Hygiene and Sanitation

The entire hospitality industry is focusing on creating a safe and hygienic environment for guests. The industry wants to make an impression of confidence for the public. This goal is creating a need for hygiene managers and auditors. You can upskill your staff, get them HACCP certified, and teach them how to audit. Taking advantage of this opportunity will help you keep your guests safe while helping your employees stay current and employed.

Health and Wellness

There is currently a focus on health and wellness. The hospitality industry is creating food and beverage experiences that are centered around improving health and immunity. The creation of food and beverages that center around health continues the theme of keeping guests safe. This new opportunity will also increase the need for nutritionists and wellness experts in the industry.

Online Presence

Maintaining an online presence will continue to be crucial in the coming months and possibly years. Hotels must be able to stand out in the digital world. Practical tools include storytelling and content marketing. People always remember stories. Stories can evoke emotions in customers, and they will never forget the experience. All hotels have employees who have a story to tell.

The Guest Experience

The expected drop in the numbers of people willing to travel is happening and will continue. Those people willing to travel will be seeking unique experiences and adventures. The hospitality industry must be able to create these distinctive experiences for these guests. The idea is to provide value and not just another place to sleep. Creating these guest experiences will mean new and exciting job opportunities such as guest experience designers and creators.


The hospitality industry must go beyond just doing enough to comply with policies. Local community support is crucial. Developing communities around the hotel and helping the environment are now more important to guests than ever before. The hospitality industry will need people who understand sustainability and can address environmental issues.

The new era of the hospitality industry requires new skills. The employee with considerable skills who can multi-task and perform multiple jobs should be a priority hire. Seek employees who can socialize with guests. Personal interaction helps to provide a memorable experience and will increase loyalty. Problem-solving and design skills are crucial, as is marketing and the ability to engage on social media platforms.

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