Keeping Your Practice Staff on Point

Keeping staff focused on patient care is often a challenge for medical practices. Furthermore, many patient satisfaction problems are frequently employee satisfaction issues. Patient and employee satisfaction are essential for a successful practice. A manager must find ways to keep employees focused. However, money can be tight in medical office practice. For this reason, it is crucial to discover inexpensive or free ways to motivate your employees and get the best from your staff without breaking the bank. 

An Inexpensive Gift 

To encourage your employees to perform better when your budget is limited takes creativity. Try looking for inexpensive or even free perks. This small gesture can have a significant impact. Build a rapport with your staff and learn what they value beyond work and then reward them with a thoughtful gift that pertains to their interest.  

Fostering a Team Environment 

Collaboration between team members is vital for a company’s continued success. A team-oriented workforce can lead to an increase in employee satisfaction that trickles down to clients. Share company expectations with your employees while defining their roles and responsibilities. Consider setting specific, measurable team goals that are in line with your desired outcomes. Keep the atmosphere creative by providing leadership training that fosters character development. Build team cohesion and get to know each other through personality profiles and work style assessments. Try to let each staff member take on tasks that play to their strengths.  

Setting Goals Together 

Employees view goals as more attainable when they have input in the goal-setting process. Goal setting together provides a tremendous opportunity for your employees to see the big picture of how your company operates and where their job fits in. An understanding of the impact that their work has upon your company can help to motivate the employee to do a better job for you. 

Verbal Praise 

Workers love feeling appreciated, and this feeling of worth can be a great motivator. Keep it personal for a more significant effect. The personal touch is sincere and highly valued by the employee. When you heap verbal praise on your employees, be specific. Don’t just tell them they are doing a good job, tell them why and how. Being concise not only shows an employee what they are doing well, but it also indicates what might need improvement. Do not limit it to verbal praise alone; offer them training, become a mentor, and ask them what their goals are as you help them to attain those goals.  

Need a New Team Member? 

If you are looking to add a temporary or permanent member to your team, consider what SIS has to offer. SI Staffing can help you keep focused on your production goals by providing your company with an employee whom you can depend upon to get the job done.  


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