Motivating Production Floor Personas

Finding ways to motivate your production floor employees with different personalities is challenging. To increase your productivity, you must take different personality types among workers into consideration. Personality directly impacts a person’s performance at work, and not every character type is suited for every job position. It is vital that you acknowledge different personas and assign duties that will fit your production team’s different personalities. Recognizing the differences can increase your productivity as well as improve job satisfaction among your employees.   

Introverted or Extroverted?  

Your employees who have outgoing personalities will function best in positions where they can work with others. These employees thrive in customer service type positions. They also make good team leaders as they can boost other workers’ morale with their upbeat attitudes. For these workers, try to avoid assigning tasks that will keep them behind closed doors. For those employees who prefer to avoid the spotlight, assign them to areas with little interaction with others as they prefer to work with little socialization.   

Work Ethic  

Some employees have a strong work ethic, and they make their job a priority. However, some will perform the job just well enough to earn a paycheck. These non-motivated employees deliver mediocre work that is often subpar, while their motivated co-workers might work late to finish a task. Assign your highly motivated workers to leadership roles with additional responsibility, perhaps even a management role. Those employees who possess a weak work ethic will require further management and oversight to keep them focused on their production tasks.   


To keep your production running efficiently, you must understand what motivates your employees. It is not easy to realize what motivates each employee. Probably the best way to obtain this information is by asking your employees. For some, money is a strong motivator. Promise them a raise or a bonus, and you will see their production output increase. Recognition might be the motivator for others. These employees appreciate a celebration of their success, such as a work luncheon or a recognition email. Finally, there are the self-motivated team members who work hard for the personal satisfaction they gain by finishing work on time.   

The Details  

Some workers will see the big picture while their teammates will focus on the details. The former is effective at leading others as they can see where a project is going and what it takes to get there. The latter can execute jobs to the smallest detail. It takes both types to keep a business running smoothly. The challenge is to identify these types among your employees and assign them tasks accordingly.   

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