Never Give Up!

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This week, we’d like to spotlight one of our senior recruiters, Darren Plummer. He’s known for his impeccable service and treating every job candidate with respect and understanding (just look at our online reviews). This is his guest contribution regarding a life lesson he continually shares with not only his co-workers, but every job candidate that comes through our door.  

Never Give Up!

      As I sat in Tawes Theater contemplating the decision I had to make, I wrestled with giving up on a dream that I had held every day for the last four years: becoming a concert pianist.  I was a sophomore Piano Performance major at The University of Maryland, and was in the toughest part of a music major’s undergraduate career –  transitioning from year 2 to year 3.

      I had encountered so many obstacles – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which sidelined me from practicing for almost 6 weeks, losing two close family members within 4 months – ON TOP OF the everyday struggles of college life.  I was having trouble learning my music in preparation for my end-of-semester piano jury (the music major’s equivalent to a final exam).  “This is it,” I told myself, “It’s too much…  I’ll never learn this music in time! I’ll just take an Incomplete and try to make it up later.”  And with that, I headed to my professor’s studio.


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       When I arrived at Professor Cleveland Page’s piano studio, the above picture was hanging on his front door –  Never give up!  The hilarity of the frog’s desperation to live really struck me… and I took it as a sign to dig deep and finish the semester strong.

       Most of us have been in similar situations, and it takes a particular mindset to not allow ourselves to throw in the towel.  We find ourselves going through personal struggles that ruin our focus on the things we have to do – like be successful and productive at work, or maintain healthy relationships.  Sometimes, it’s easier to simply give up and maybe just start over.  We don’t know how we’re going to make it through, but we’ll figure it out…


      One of the things I have learned in life is that the journey of getting from where we are to where we want to be in life is a PROCESS… and that process will always be difficult. Winning over the inevitable struggle makes us stronger, and it makes us better.  Nothing good comes without hard work. If we don’t push through a struggle, we become complacent and settle for mediocrity instead of becoming what we can, and should, be.

      In elementary school, I saw a cocoon on a tree branch.  Some of my fellow classmates and I brought the branch into the classroom to see if a butterfly would emerge.  Sure enough, a couple of weeks later, we saw the wing of the butterfly emerging from the cocoon.  It seemed like it was unable to do it on its own, and we wanted to help it – but our teacher said something to us that I will never forget: “We cannot help the butterfly.  What is happening to the butterfly in the cocoon is very important; the process called metamorphosis… and what is happening inside the cocoon is just as important as escaping the cocoon.  If we don’t allow the butterfly to struggle, its wings will never develop the strength to fly.  If it cannot fly, it will not last outside… it will not live long.”

     What is happening inside the cocoon is just as important…

    If it cannot fly, it will not last…

      As for the butterfly, so also for us – struggles are necessary. We will never be all we were intended to be – we will never fly, never soar in our purpose – if we never learn to push through.  If we constantly break down and give up, we will never learn to be strong and overcome adversity.  Our strength comes from struggle!

      It is not easy.  It doesn’t happen overnight.  But we have to remember that the process is necessaryand what happens in us through the process  is just as important as the end result.  So, whatever you are facing, don’t throw in the towel!  Do not give up!  Your strength will come from your struggle… and you will learn to soar and live out your purpose and your dream, if you NEVER. GIVE. UP!


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