Preparing Your Employees for a Post-COVID World

As we enter the post-COVID world of business, you must prepare your employees for the days to come. Here are ways to help your employees stay safe and thrive in a post-COVID world.  

Provide Training on the New Rules  

Spacing 6 feet apart is the new normal. You must educate your workers on how they can best adhere to this new rule. Consider creating a digital handbook that contains the new rules. Urge your team members to read and understand the new ways of working before returning to work.   

Look at New Ways of Working  

COVID-19 is forcing all companies to alter their ways of doing business. Employees will need to adopt a new mindset to thrive in the post-COVID world. As their employer, you must rethink your tools, frameworks, and rules and look at new ways of doing business. Here are examples:  

  • Do not bring everyone back at the same time. Consider getting your employees back to work in stages.   
  • If your organization runs on a shift schedule, allow a one-hour gap between shifts to disinfect the workplace.   
  • Enforce part-time work from home for employees to reduce the number of people at the office at any given time.   
  • If you are in the hospitality industry, consider having a pickup system instead of table service.   

Customer Service Retraining  

It is essential to train your team on new customer service policies. Instruct them on how to enforce the new 6 feet rules and how to handle customers who do not abide by this new procedure. The post-COVID workplace will create situations that your client-facing employees have not encountered. Teach your employees how to communicate effectively in these situations to help keep your workforce safe and your clients satisfied.  


Due to COVID-19, it is time to cut back on unnecessary meetings to avoid having people gather when they should not be encountering each other. Avoid having meetings if an email or a Slack message will suffice. Of course, virtual meetings are ideal. If you must hold an in-person meeting, instruct your employees to gather in small groups and reduce the number of employees allowed in meeting rooms.   

Handling Sick People Coming to the Office  

Your employees may feel compelled to show up to work even when they are sick. This loyalty creates the ideal conditions for the infections you wish to avoid spreading. If your employees experience any flu or cold-like symptoms, ask them to work from home or not work at all, depending on how they feel. These post-COVID days are also an ideal time to update your sick leave policy to reflect these changes. Make sure your personnel knows whom to contact if they are not well and can’t work.   

Changing Your Recruitment Process  

At some point, you will choose to employ new people. The days of inviting candidates to your workplace for on-site interviews or job trials are gone. Remote recruiting is here to stay, so you must:  

  • Digitize your recruitment process, so candidates are on-site as little as possible.  
  • Use online assessments to shrink your candidate pool.  
  • Conduct video interviews.  
  • Ensure data privacy for your applicants.  

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