Recruiting Millennials: Challenge Accepted

Millennials are emerging into the job market. This ambitious and digital-savvy generation will make up 50-75% of the job market in 10 years, so it is vital to know what makes this group of young people tick. Millennials are: 

  • Multitaskers. Millennials excel at juggling many responsibilities at once. The downside is that they are also easily distracted. 
  • ConnectedFamiliarity with social media is a strength of millennials as they peruse Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 
  • Tech-savvy. It is no secret that millennials are more tech-savvy than other generations.  
  • Curious. This critical soft skill is essential for a company’s success. Curiosity often leads to fewer adverse decisions and better team performance. 

Defining Characteristics of Millennials 

Successfully recruiting and integrating millennials into your organization will depend on understanding this group and the characteristics that define them. You may have to change your business and management approach to attract and retain workers from this generation. It is essential to comprehend what inspires them. 

Ambition and Values 

A paycheck is not the primary motivation for this generation. Innovation, a contribution to society, and a company that shares their worldview are more critical. This group wants quality treatment at work and want their voices heard. Millennials do not know how to communicate their ambitions appropriately and often come across as being entitled. 

A Generation of Learners 

Millennials are ambitious learners who seek out experience. They prefer challenging work that involves creativity while giving them a sense of advancement. Millennials are keenly interested in what they need to learn to reach their goals. As far as qualifications, knowledge, and experience receive more value than personal growth and skills. Millennials have a mindset of continual learning.  


This group of people is not fans of working up the career ladder. Millennials do not view career advancement in terms of seniority and time of service at a company. They like fast-paced environments where they can advance quickly. Millennials value feedback and career coaching that will improve their careers. The majority of millennials see relocation as essential for career advancement. 


This group of young people does not like being micromanaged. Millennials require explicit instructions and a well-defined goal. This generation prefers to complete assigned tasks their way. It is not the process but the final product that matters. Due to their high comfort level with technology, this generation likes to work remotely.  

Attracting millennials is challenging but possible. A good start is to make your company attractive, provide work/life balance, offer flexibility, and invest in innovation.

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