Scaring Off Candidates? How to Make Your Job Descriptions Less Spooky

With Halloween right around the corner, there are plenty of spooky things out there. Do not let your job descriptions be one of them! You might be scaring off potential job candidates with lengthy, confusing, and generic job descriptions. Make this season a little less scary for your job candidates with job descriptions that are easy to use.   

Avoid Confusing Job Titles  

The job title is a crucial part of the job description and often determines whether a candidate will continue reading the story. Although you might want to use a trendy job title to shake things up a bit, remember that it may not be hip next year. The key is to keep your job title brief and on point. Stay away from quirky or vague job titles.   

Too Long/Too Short  

Less is more. When writing your job descriptions, try to keep them concise. Brevity is vital, so keep it simple and to the point. Consider using bullet points instead of lengthy descriptions whenever possible. Do not oversimplify the descriptions by dumbing it down. Brevity is excellent, but make sure that you include the essential information in the job description.   

Go Easy With the Jargon  

To understand the jargon and field-specific terms of an industry, you must be in the know. Although it may be tempting to use jargon to weed out poor candidates while you search for a superstar, too much jargon is a bad thing. A top candidate who must use Google to understand your job description will not be attracted to your opportunity. So, avoid those clichés, abbreviations, and acronyms that are unclear, and use clear job descriptions in plain language.   

Do Not Set Unrealistic Expectations  

Finding that candidate who speaks multiple languages, has 20 years of programming experience, and will come ready to go is not going to happen. Worse still, you will probably scare off candidates with your intimidating list of requirements. Prioritize your needs and highlight only those that are essential to doing the job.   

Missing Information  

Are you finding out that some of your positions have a high turnover rate? You might be leaving out crucial job information on your job descriptions that is crucial to the job you are expecting them to perform. Everybody likes a surprise, but not when it makes their job more difficult than it should be.   

Spelling Mistakes  

It should go without saying that suitable grammar and spelling are essential for an appropriate job description. If you want intelligent, capable employees, you must get this one right. Use style guidelines, spell check it and have a colleague look it over before you post it. A well-written job description reflects your business, so please take the time to write it correctly.   

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