Seven Incentives That Will Bring Top Candidates to You

The competition for top talent is fierce. Your company must use every available tool to bring the leading candidates to your door. A flexible schedule, career development, and the possibility of advancement can do wonders for your company as you seek out the best employees. Here are a few incentives that might help your organization bring in terrific job candidates.   


Flexibility in a work schedule is now more valued by employees than other perks. All employees want the flexibility to take care of things and the people they love. Offering flexible schedules can help attract top talent who will perform well for your company. Over the last 10 years, 83% of businesses have offered or plan to offer flexible schedules to their employees.   

Career Growth  

The bulk of job seekers are not looking to make a lateral move. What can set you apart for many job seekers is not what you can offer them now, but perhaps what you can offer them in the future. Candidates want to know that your company is genuinely interested in their intellectual development, whether that be an immediate increase in status or a path for future career development. Career development is a must-have for job seekers.   

Parental Leave  

Paid parental leave is a significant incentive to attract talent. There is no national mandate for paid parental leave, so it is up to individual companies to offer it as a benefit. New parents appreciate the time to bond with their new family members. It is suitable for business too. Indications show that new mothers are more likely to succeed when their child is not still a newborn when they return. They have recovered and are ready to take on the challenges of work. On-site childcare is another excellent option to consider.  

Health Insurance  

Many benefits are nice perks. However, this one is essential. People rely on health insurance to be able to take care of themselves and their family members, and if your company does not offer this benefit, you will lose candidates. Offer health insurance to all your employees if it is possible for your company to do so.   


Employees like to feel like they are part of a family. A sense of community makes us all feel like we are part of something greater than ourselves. Community gives workers opportunities to connect with colleagues, to reach their career goals, and to feel secure at their workplace.   


Offering opportunities for employees to further their education can set your company apart. This benefit helps the employee as well as your company. Education offers employees the chance to advance their careers while giving you a more engaged employee with a higher commitment to your company.   


If you are trying to attract an employee for the long term, you must provide long-term savings strategies. If possible, provide a pension as an option, and you will attract employees who are in it for the long term.  

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