The Importance of Surveying Your Employees NOW

Surveying your employees during the COVID-19 crisis is essential, and it can help your organization stay on track during the turbulent days that are sure to come. However, it is not just about your company. Surveying now will demonstrate to your employees that you are a caring employer who is listening to your team and addressing their needs. You will build trust among your workers by conducting a survey now.    

Show Employees That You Care  

COVID-19 is creating a stressful situation for all workers. Your employees need to know that you are listening to them and that you are committed to them. To validate your concern, it is essential that you share the survey results with your employees and take action upon the results of the survey. By providing the survey results, what you learned from the survey, and what steps you will take as a consequence of the study, you will send a message of trust and credibility to your team.   

A Forecast for the Future  

Your employees are an excellent source of business intelligence, and with unpredictable days ahead, their input is vital. These employees are essential to your success in good times and bad. They are the ones who serve your customers directly and know the reality of how your business is performing. They are a terrific source of ideas, such as how to cut costs and ways to create revenue. Your team can give you insights into opportunities for changing your company culture and recession-proofing your business. So remember that listening to your employees’ input shows your compassion while helping you prepare for a possible economic downturn.   

Crucial Insights for Supporting Employees  

A survey now might help you obtain information that your employees can’t verbalize during these tough times. Your employees are experiencing fear, anxiety, and uncertainty, and they probably don’t feel like now is the right time to verbalize their needs. They are worrying about laid-off relatives and older parents who are vulnerable to the virus. There are also financial concerns, with many people facing unexpected financial burdens during the pandemic. Their insights are crucial to your success. A survey can help.   

The Survey  

With so many people out of work, your employees may fear that their responses will make them appear ungrateful. Assure them that their answers are confidential. Confidentiality will help your employees open up and give thoughtful and honest answers to the survey. Your employees must understand what you will do with the feedback. Sending out a survey and not acting on the results is pointless.  

Furthermore, your employees are more prone to cooperate with future surveys once they know that you will act upon their responses. Keep in mind that you are administering a survey during unprecedented times. Understand that there may be limitations to communication. Offer alternative ways to provide feedback, such as going through their supervisors or the HR department.   

Let’s Find The One Together 

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