Unique Employee Perks to Attract and Retain Talent

There is no shortage of perks that an employer can offer an employee. Some are common, such as health insurance, while others range from private chefs and pet insurance to a fully paid one-year sabbatical. Hiring and retaining top performers is a competitive business, so HR departments are getting creative in keeping top-notch employees. Here is a sampling that you might find helpful.  

Commuter Benefit  

Workers spend a considerable amount of time commuting between the office and their homes. Not only can it be frustrating dealing with traffic, but it can also get expensive. If you want to entice and keep employees who have a long commute, consider offering a commuter benefits program. These programs provide employees with benefits to help them pay for expenses incurred for parking, public transportation, and vanpooling to and from the office. Consider setting aside money to pay for vouchers for buses, subways, and ferries. Do not forget Uber or Lyft, either.   


Providing your employees with education and certification benefits will benefit both your employees and your company. You can help your employees expand their careers with tuition assistance, school loan cancellation, continuing education courses, and online learning opportunities. If continuing education and certifications are part of your industry, then offer support to employees trying to improve themselves. Beyond helping your employees out, these benefits can close your company’s skills gap, increase employee loyalty, and increase productivity.   

Birthdays Off  

Now here is a fun employee benefit. Birthdays off may seem like a small gesture, but it improves employee experiences and strengthens your employer brand. It will allow your personnel to celebrate their special day with some me-time. For your company, it will improve morale and increase productivity.   

Weekly Pay  

Most hourly employees like the benefit of being paid weekly. Employees receive a check each week, which gives them the cash-in-hand that they may need. The consistency allows your employees the chance to pay their bills when the bills arrive. Employees receive their overtime pay on time instead of waiting to collect their overtime pay. For you, weekly pay can make planning easier. There are no prorating pay periods for new employees.  

Retention Bonus  

You can offer employees a retention bonus to help you retain talent. You are paying an employee bonus money to stay with your company for a specified amount of time. The sum of money and the timeframe are negotiable, depending on the agreement between you and the employee. Remember that these bonuses are not tied directly to work performance. They are an incentive for an employee to stay with your company. The employee receives the money once their contract period is over.   

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