Unwrapping Holiday Staffing Success

The holidays are a festive season spent with loved ones and friends. This particular time can also pose a significant workforce issue. Trying to remain flexible while providing employees with some time for their holiday festivities can be a considerable challenge as you try to keep your business up and running. Don’t let staffing problems spoil your holiday cheer. There are measures you can take to guarantee that staffing remains high this holiday season.  

Start Planning Early  

Discussions involving vacations should begin weeks to months in advance. Management should know ahead of time what their employee’s holiday vacation plans will be. Once managers know the days and durations of holiday requests, they can plan accordingly for adequate staffing.   

Early planning may not be enough, so it is wise to have alternative work arrangements and incentives as a back-up plan. These arrangements, such as supplemental staffing, telecommuting, and other measures, can help your business remain stable during the holiday season.  


Word-of-mouth is useful for filling vacancies too, and many companies offer financial incentives to employees who help fill vacancies. Families, friends, and business acquaintances who are not already employed by your company may be an excellent source for staffing this holiday season. A creative method for staffing during the holidays is the use of holiday work incentives. Additional pay, meals, and gift cards can keep you stable during the holidays, and employees appreciate the gesture.  

Don’t Sugarcoat the Job  

If the work conditions at your company are unpleasant, do not attempt to make them attractive or palatable. It is fine to sell your company, but don’t sugarcoat the challenges of the job. Keep in mind that some employees are not comfortable in an unstructured environment, and they should be aware of challenges ahead of time.   

Train Properly  

Your temporary holiday staff deserves the same level of training as full-time employees. Set them up for success as these temporary employees may become viable candidates for full-time positions. Set clear expectations and guidelines to keep them on track. Please include a full orientation that covers all policies and procedures and keep their training concise to promote knowledge retention. Ongoing support is crucial, and you may even consider using a buddy system to help keep an eye on the new hire and to offer help when needed. Give temporary holiday employees a sense of belonging, and you will reap the benefits of it.   

Holiday staffing doesn’t have to be a challenge

Try to plan early and remain flexible. If your company needs temporary holiday staffing this season, consider reaching out to a recruiter. SIS can provide access to qualified candidates to ensure smooth business operations.

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