When an Exit Interview Isn’t an Exit Interview

Exit interviews can be much more than obtaining information about your company while terminating an employee. Exit interviews offer great insight into what the organization is doing well and what needs improvement. Current employees are not the source for this information, as their answers may be an effort to keep their positions. When it comes to feedback about your company’s culture, morale, and management, look no further than exiting employees. How does one obtain this valuable employee feedback? The answer is to start an exit interview process that includes specific questions designed to give insight into employees and the company. 

The Questions 

There are specific interview questions that you can ask to obtain information about the current state of your company. If you want to identify any problems before they turn into significant issues, then don’t wait for employees to leave for valuable insights. Incorporate these interview questions into performance reviews. Here are a few interview questions to incorporate into your performance reviews and remember that these questions are adjustable to fit your particular business needs.  

  • Why are you looking for another job? The critical takeaway from this question comes over a while when you detect common themes among applicant answers. 
  • What does the new position offer that influenced your decision to leave? This question will give your team insight into where your company is lacking. This information will allow you to improve company culture, pay, benefits, or whatever the main issue may be. 
  • What can we do to keep you here? This question may give you the reasons why the employee is not happy and chose to pursue another job.
  • Do you feel equipped to do the job here? This question will help you train new employees and may offer an understanding of how to retrain current employees. 
  • Are you comfortable speaking with your manager? The answer here can tell you about both the employee and the manager. Use the information to improve the performance of the manager. 
  • How do you describe the company culture? With this one, you are watching for trends. There may be outlying answers given, but you will gradually get a picture of your company’s culture. 
  • Do you have the tools you require to succeed at this job? This question is critical for continuing success. It will let you see where you can improve the workplace environment, including training, resources, and overall working conditions. 

Beyond Your Control 

Of course, an employee’s reasons for leaving your company may have nothing to do with any factor that you can control. Following a spouse to another state or moving the family closer to the grandparent’s house for childcare assistance are typical examples. However, these types of questions can give you a wealth of information into the state of your company.

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